How the Video Speeches Were Judged

Liberty Scholar video speeches were judged by a panel of educators, Museum staff, and Museum Board Members based on the criteria below. All judges’ decisions were final. Click here to view the winning video essays of this 2016 program.


70% of Total Score – Words/Message:

Your video speech must be in your own voice with your own ideas. It must demonstrate that you have given careful thought to the topic: “How I Intend to Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Others.” Your speech must be constructive and have universal appeal. Your speech must clearly convey what you intended to share.

30% of Total Score – Delivery of speech:

Your video speech must be well enunciated and understandable to the viewer. The addition of outside effects and images will be considered only to the extent that they reinforce your spoken message. This is NOT a videography competition, and well-delivered speeches, with a powerful, universally appealing message, will be judged equally with more technical presentations.

Announcement of Scholarship Winners

Due to the extended deadline of July 15, 2016, the winners will be notified by email by August 15, followed by an announcement to all applicants. Please do not call or email the National Liberty Museum for the results. After all applicants have been notified, an official Press Release will be distributed to local and national media. An onsite celebration of the Winners will take place at the first Liberty Scholars Summit in November, 2016. Details to follow. Winners wishing to participate will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodations. Ability to attend the summit is not a requirement for winning one of the awards.