Participation Rules

The Liberty Scholarship Awards was a 2016 program open to high school seniors and undergraduate students in an accredited post-high school institution. Applicants could be no older than age twenty-five as of July 15, 2016, and had to confirm that they were a Liberty Scholar Member of the National Liberty Museum and either a U.S. citizen, permanent resident holder or held some other valid legal status.  The rules below pertained to the application process, which concluded on July 15, 2016.  The winners were selected and their video essays are presented on this website.  Click here to meet the winners.

To apply for this scholarship award,

a) Create a video speech about 3-5 minutes in length on the topic “How I Intend to Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Others” and upload it to YouTube using the “Unlisted” setting, which means only those with the link can view it.
b) Record the video speech in your own voice, in English. You may include supporting graphics and video shots in your presentation, but that is not a requirement.  However, YOU must appear in the opening and closing of the video speech and identify yourself by your name, your Liberty Scholar Member number, and the city where you live.
c) Submit your application, which is located on this website, by the extended deadline of 11:59 pm EDT, July 15, 2016. You will need to supply your Liberty Scholar “Student Membership Code” and the url for your video on YouTube on your application.  Note: Your “Student Membership Code” is on the confirmation email you receive when you become a Liberty Scholar.
d) Submit one application and one video link only.
e) Grant the following rights: 1. NLM’s panel of judges will have the right to view and judge your video.  2. If you are selected as one of the winning applicants, NLM will have royalty free rights to publish your video speech on our website, affiliated social networks, and in other publications, including a Museum exhibit relating to our mission of preserving liberty.

To be considered for a scholarship award,

please keep your video speech on YouTube until the names of the winners have been announced.

To qualify as a scholarship winner,

a) you will need to provide documentation that you have been accepted or will be enrolled in an accredited post-high school institution for the 2016-2017 academic year when we notify the winners on August 15, 2016. Acceptable post-high school institutions include any accredited college, community college, university or technical school.
b) you will need to present your tuition bill to the National Liberty Museum before any monetary award is disbursed. All scholarship money will be paid directly to your school’s bursar’s office, as certified by that institution, for tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year. Prize money cannot exceed the student’s balance due after all other awards/scholarships are applied. Scholarship award money may be paid to any accredited post-high school institution, including a college, university, community college, or technical school.